Peter’s first novel, ‘Blind Bitter Happiness’, was published by Harper Collins. He is chipping away at his second (very different) book. He has had several TV series optioned, is writing several screenplays, and is currently developing a TV show, JUNE. His stories turn up regularly in the NZ Herald and Herald on Sunday, and other publications. He is an occasional freelance writer for various publications on other topics – everything from infant mental health to acting.

Travel Writing

Travel has its fair share of inconvenience, adventure, comedy and just plain tedium. Occasionally it’s a paid junket, with all the temptations that come with that (a writer’s version of Stockholm syndrome). I work to keep it real and write about the whole experience, not just all the yummy bits, with some degree (I hope) of humour and intelligence, and a modicum of integrity. As well as writing I travel with a 60D Canon EOS Camera and lens kit. Most of the time my wife, Art Director Nicola Feeney, travels with me, and when she does she gets behind the camera. This explains (1) why the photos are good and (2) why she never features in any of them.

CLICK BELOW to see links to some of my recent writing for the NZ Herald, Herald on Sunday and North & South Magazine. They feature Nic’s photography.

Fiji: Valiant struggle to save paradise NZH
Fiji: Holiday of First Resort HOS
Two Little Boys Afghanistan N & S
Middle East Magnet Dubai HOS
Melbourne NZH
Hokianga N & S
Death Railway NZH
Candid Capers Thailand HOS
Bullish despite years of hardship – Kabul NZH

Other writing

As well as travel writing I traverse a range of other topics in my other articles. Here’s some examples of my articles (from the Sunday Star Times, North & South and Actors Equity Magazines). Again Nicola has taken many of the photos here.

Big in China SST Nov 2014
Acting Coaches – are they really necessary? Equity Magazine
Where to Dunedin? N & S
The Daycare Experiment N & S
The Crying Game N & S
The Templetons 4 Corners N & S
Stuart Shepherd 4 Corners N & S
Helen Finch 4 Corners N & S

Peter on RNZ Nights

In July I chatted with Nights host on National Radio, Bryan Crump, about what it was like to live in Russia just after the fall of communism. That’s me, a hundred years ago (it feels) admiring the view of the Moscow River and the Kievskii Voksal (train station) from my apartment window. My God it was cold, AND rather alcoholic (what’s that in the coffee cup)? Anyway, here is the interview, which ran Tuesday 29 July Our Own Odysseys: the Fall of Communism

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